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Our Kapé - How We Choose


Our Kapé - How We Choose

Nigel Motley

Provenance & Sustainability

Provenance and sustainability are paramount to us on our project to showcase the produce of the farms we chose to partner with. It is these two principles which we strive to uphold at every opportunity.

We are at the moment sourcing our coffee from 2 select countries (subject to change with harvesting and availability). Each coffee we have selected was due to us wanting to share the farmers story, each with their own unique history which we believe deserved to be told.

Yunnan - Our single origin coffee from China

Located in Southern China, we source from the Bao Shan Cooperatives which run the Poverty alleviation project which deals with the decline of impoverished hillside communities in Yunnan Province, many of which are also ethnic minorities, whose diverse culture are threatened by extinction.

Ethnic minorities in China have had a history of power struggles with the mainland (Tibetans, Uyghur). Now those living in remote farming communities are faced with depletion of natural resources: due to poachers, deforestation, as well as a extended periods of improper farming practices. It is a vicious cycle. The more depletion, the poorer the farmers become, the more they’re cut off from information, transportation, the worse the environmental damage.

Bao Shan Cooperatives offer a new, organic farming environment for displaced farmers. The farmers are offered a 10 mu lot of land at the coffee plantation, where they receive education in organic farming , sustainability, and are provided benefits of organized marketing/sales. Farmers learn to reduce costs by composting, crop rotation and natural/sustainable pest control as well as soil enrichment. The plantation also holds classes on quality assessment of the crops, for example cupping, green grading classes. This gives the old land a chance to recover, and the farmers a new life.

Chiang Rai - Our single origin coffee from Thailand

Located in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. We source from local co-operatives, which work with Akha Hill Tribes (Indigenous tribal population of Northern Thailand. The co-operatives proudly use no pesticides or insecticides when harvesting, and all weed control is handled by family labour. We only use chemical fertilizers for the first 3 years of our plants' lives, after which we use only Organic fertilizer.

Focusing on Good Farmers Practices. Such as organic fertilizers and pesticides. Looking after the farm, surrounding forestand local natural water resources to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

Benguet Atok - Our single origin coffee from Philippines

Atok is located high in the Cordillera mountains. Its high elevation and well-drained soil makes Atok ideal for growing coffee. The coffee cherries are nurtured by the rich highland soil and cultivated carefully by local coffee cooperatives using the same eco friendly methods as passed on by their forefathers. The cherries receive no harmful commercial pesticides during the ripening process which allow the cherries qualities to develop as nature intended. The cherries are then selected for ripeness, handpicked, sorted andfully washed in fresh clean water before sun dried on raised sunbeds.

This is a shining examplewhich showcases the quality of Arabica coffee which can be found in the Philippine highlands.

We use a chocolate which is the first from South East Asia to gain international recognition for its farming practices and high quality.

Malagos Chocolate - Our single origin chocolate from Philippines

The cocoa used to make this chocolate is 100% single origin Trinitario Cacao from Davao, Philippines. Trinitario alongside Criollo are the rarest and finest varieties of cacao produced worldwide, now cultivated in a select few countries. Trinitario, like Criollo cacao although extremely difficult to grow and low yielding produces a very high quality aromatic cacao bean which draws its distinctive flavor profile from how it is carefully cultivated.

Our cacao is sourced from the Malagos Farms, Davao. Davao an area well known for its abundance in exotic fruits which help contribute to the cacao pods unique flavor profile.

 The cocoa pods are collected, split open and the beans inside carefully removed by hand. The cacao beans are then cleaned and fermented allowing the qualities to intensify and develop its rich flavor. After being sorted due to size, the beans are roasted in small batches. The roasted beans are broken into nibs and ground producing a rich cocoa liquor. The grinding stage allows the beans to release their natural butter at which point vanilla or cane sugar can be added. At this point it becomes cacao.

We are proud to bring these chocolates to the UK. The first Chocolatiers of single origin cacao from South East Asia to compete and win international chocolate awards including:

2015 International Chocolate Awards (Germany)

2015 Academy of Chocolate Awards (UK)

2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards (UK)

2016 Great Taste Awards (UK)

We are very humbled to work with such communities and cooperatives and will continue to do our best in promoting their produce and hard work.