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Baked Fresh Daily.

Our selection rotates daily with our own creations and traditional native delicacies.

There is no compromise on the quality of ingredients we use, using only the highest quality local and seasonal produce available. Each of our selection is created from scratch and is made using inspiration from home and our travels.


Kimchi Croissant

Umami croissant of salty, sweet and spicy.

Chiffon Pandan

Light, creamy and soft chiffon cake with pandan leaf infusion

Banana Date Walnut Bun

Ripened Banana tea cake enriched with dates and molasses.

Cassava Cake

Fresh grated cassava root and young coconut, baked in banana leaf until golden. Gluten free


Fresh jack fruit wrapped, deep fried and sprinkled with Filipino muscovado.

 Malagos Chocolate Croix

100% Malagos Choc, muscovado sugar croix dripped in churro sugar

Macapuno Tart

Young coconut strips encased in a rich egg custard