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We focus on promoting Single Origins Coffees from South East Asia. Our offering rotates with seasonality and availability of coffee harvests.


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Origin: Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Variety: Arabica - Caturra, Catimor, Yellow Bourbon

Altitude Grown:  1100 - 1700 ft

Farmer: Akha Hill Tribes

Process: Fully Washed


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Grown in the valleys of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand at an altitude of 1100 - 1700 meters feet. The coffee cherries are cultivated and cared for by the Akha Hill tribes whom have harvested this coffee for generations. Shade grown on the lush mountain forest slopes using ecological farming systems and treated without harmful pesticides or fertilizers. The coffee cherries are then carefully selected for ripeness and hand picked, washed over 24 hrs in mountain spring water and sun dried on concrete patios over 6-7 days.

The Akha Hill tribe are indigenous to the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand. Living in harmony with the unspoiled beauty of their surroundings, it has provided the Akha with the finest produce nature can offer. They ensure to care for the earth as it has for them.

Jammy marmalade notes with rich toffee taste with milk. Smooth choc finish.

Orders are roasted once a week on Mondays and shipped every Wednesday  to ensure you have freshly roasted beans. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery.