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We focus on promoting Single Origins Coffees from South East Asia. Our offering rotates with seasonality and availability of coffee harvests.


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Exclusive curated blend consisting of Liberica, Excelsa and Arabica. Distinctively Pilipinio and coming soon to Kapihan, Battersea Park.

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'Barako' in the Philippines is the name given to the Carabao (male bulls) that were used to plough the fields in rural mountain provinces. The name originates from the farmers who first harvested the cherry and upon tasting it believed the coffee embodied the raw strength of the Carabao which enriched every cup with its bold powerful qualities.

'Barako' is of the Liberica variety which is regarded as one of the the hardest and rarest coffee to produce. This rare cherry has flourished in the volcanic valleys under Mount Taal, Cavite, Philippines.

A collection of family owned farms aided by cooperatives harvest the cherries grown at an altitude of 1000 - 1600 feet from the dense forest plains of Mount Taal. The coffee cherries are nurtured by the rich volcanic soil and cultivated carefully by farmers using the same eco friendly methods as passed on by their forefathers. The cherries receive no harmful pesticides during the ripening process which allow the cherries qualities to develop as nature intended. The cherries are then selected for ripeness, hand picked, sorted and fully washed in fresh clean water before sun dried on cement patios.

'Barako' lies deep within national heritage and is proudly held as one of the nations finest treasures.

We are proud to offer Barako as Philippines finest coffee. The distinctive tastes of molasses and dark chocolate have been loved by old and young, generations past and present and continues to gives the same happiness as it always has.

Our Brewing Recommendation - Barako is at its best as an espresso. Intense rich notes of dark bitter chocolate are followed by an intense molasses undertone. Hints of star anise create an espresso which is truly unique.