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Malagos Chocolate 100%


We focus on promoting Single Origins Coffees from South East Asia. Our offering rotates with seasonality and availability of coffee harvests.

Malagos Chocolate 100%


Malagos Chocolate 100%



Our vision is for Davao to become the preferred source of premium chocolates in the world.

We aim to maintain a reputation for ethical and sustainable farming, for production processes that adhere to strict quality standards, and for steadfastness in upholding excellence in everything that we do.

Our chocolates are made from Tree to Bar through the efforts of many people. Especially the farmers. The entire process of sowing, tending, harvesting, fermenting, drying, sorting, roasting, and producing the chocolate is done right on our farm, giving our products a more distinctive and pronounced taste.

Join us in our journey as we help put Philippines on the chocolate map of the world.

Single-origin Davao, Philippines. Heirloom cacao. Award winning. Proudly Filipino.

Rex Puentespina 

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"High-quality beans make great chocolates!" Malagos Chocolate is single-origin made from ethically grown and processed beans that have been carefully graded, fermented, and solar-dried on our farms in Davao. More information on

It's now official!  Our cacao farm – Puentespina Farm is now designated as HEIRLOOM producers of quality & flavor cacao beans at origin by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund in partnership with the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) & US Dept of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Services (USDA RS).  The announcement was made at ceremonies held in San Francisco last January 12, 2019. 

“We are elated to be part of this very small group of farmers who have been given this designation as Heirloom Cacao. We are only the 16th to be given this honor, and the first in the Philippines,” said Charita Puentespina, proud farmer & founder of Puentespina Farms and Malagos Chocolate.

This is the 2nd international recognition awarded to our cacao farm. In October 2017, the beans from Puentespina Farm were recognized as one of the ‘BEST 50 CACAO BEAN SAMPLES’ in the world by the Cocoa Excellence Programme held in France. Our beans were selected out of the total 166 cacao beans samples received from 40 countries that year.

To date, we already have 29 international and 1 Gold national awards!  Mabuhay ang magsasakang Pilipino!