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We focus on promoting Single Origins Coffees from South East Asia. Our offering rotates with seasonality and availability of coffee harvests.


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Origin: Shan Shate, Myanmar

Variety: Arabica - Catuai

Altitude Grown:  1220 MASL

Farmer: Mandalay Coffee Group

Process: Fully Washed

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Grown by Danu smallholder farmers in the Ywangan area of Southern Shan state. Myanmar has only recently been creating specialty coffees but is doing so with impressive speed and results. Fed up with secretly producing opium for druglords while being prosecuted by authorities on the one hand, and selling poorly processed coffee to brokers and middlemen on the other, the farmers took a major leap of faith and fully embraced specialty coffee to become truly independent.

The Ywangan shines best as an espresso based milk drink where  it has a intensely rich date caramel sweetness with lingering notes of smooth dark chocolate.  

Orders are roasted every Monday and shipped every Wednesday to ensure you have freshly roasted beans. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery.